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OPSYN Vol.3 How to Set Up Leap Motion and Utilize it in Unreal Engine

Contents1 OPSYN Progress2 Setting Up Leap Motion Controller in Unreal Engine2.1 Necessary SDK/Drivers:2.2 Step3 How to Utilize Leap Motion Controller in Unreal Engine3.1 Required Content3.2 Step3.3 Set and Get an Actor Reference and Using OSC OPSYN Progress OPSYN GitHub Link This week, I was able to control the game object with my hands using leap motion and control the music event in Max/MSP. I can send the 3 dimensions (X,Y,Z) at the same time, and it can be assigned to any parameter in Max or DAW. With this, I can do something like MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).  For example, you can control the modulation in addition to controlling the pitch and…



日本語(Japanese) Contents1 Intro2 Progress3 Testing Leap Motion4 Assignment Intro As I mentioned in the last post, I uploaded my project to GitHub(Link→here). I’m not explaining what GitHub is and how to use it (if you are interested in the use of github in sound design area (game), I highly recommend you to read Adam T. Croft’s Quit Aspiring book, which covers the basics of Github in the entire chapter). It’s a kind of dropbox or google drive but it records all changes you did, and is extremely useful for working a project with a team. It’s even useful for solo developers since it back up all histories you changed in…


OPSYN Vol. 1 – UE4 + OSC

日本語(Japanese) Start off with new VR Project :OPSYN(This Project), not OOPSYN(the 1st Project) I am currently working on my next VR/XR project, OPSYN(Out of Place Synthesizer) in Berklee fellowship program. OPSYN is a Sci-Fi, Cyber Punk, immersive virtual musical Environment. It is a series of virtual sound making objects and musical instruments that a viewer interacts with to create their own sounds. I will record the progress of my project in this blog weekly. In my master project, I developed an OOPSYN (Out of Place Synthesizer) – immersive virtual musical Environment. This work has been presented in a couple of places including Espacio Fundación Telefónica. A continuación, alumnos de @berkleevalencia presentan sus proyectos….