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日本語(Japanese) Contents1 Intro2 Progress3 Testing Leap Motion4 Assignment Intro As I mentioned in the last post, I uploaded my project to GitHub(Link→here). I’m not explaining what GitHub is and how to use it (if you are interested in the use of github in sound design area (game), I highly recommend you to read Adam T. Croft’s Quit Aspiring book, which covers the basics of Github in the entire chapter). It’s a kind of dropbox or google drive but it records all changes you did, and is extremely useful for working a project with a team. It’s even useful for solo developers since it back up all histories you changed in…


OPSYN Vol. 1 – UE4 + OSC

日本語(Japanese) Start off with new VR Project :OPSYN(This Project), not OOPSYN(the 1st Project) I am currently working on my next VR/XR project, OPSYN(Out of Place Synthesizer) in Berklee fellowship program. OPSYN is a Sci-Fi, Cyber Punk, immersive virtual musical Environment. It is a series of virtual sound making objects and musical instruments that a viewer interacts with to create their own sounds. I will record the progress of my project in this blog weekly. In my master project, I developed an OOPSYN (Out of Place Synthesizer) – immersive virtual musical Environment. This work has been presented in a couple of places including Espacio Fundación Telefónica. A continuación, alumnos de @berkleevalencia presentan sus proyectos….