I’m originally from Japan and currently lives in the US.
I studied at Berklee College of Music where I pursued my career as a Film composer and a music producer. I dual majored in Film Scoring and EPD (Electronic Production and Design). I learned artistic aspects of film music in Film scoring, and technological aspects of computer and electronics in EPD.

By nature, my passion is to create something. I have had a taste for music since the age of 5 when I played the piano for the first time, and my intellectual curiosity turned toward this instrument. I began to learn the piano and I became crazy about it. First, I started to make music with DAW when I was an university student in Japan. Since then, I have got pleasure out of creating music with a computer. The university had a film major, and I could have some experiences to collaborate with the film major students, and had composed some music for them. From this experience, I got interested in film music.

After graduating Nihon University, I came to the US, where I had learned English and music composition at Ohio Northern University. After attending Summer School at Berklee in 2012, I got an invitation from a professor and I decided to transfer to Berklee College of Music to study film scoring more deeply. I came to Berklee to establish my composition through focusing attention on film scoring and to acquire special techniques. I have learned various composition techniques while developing my own compositional styles. At the same time I have studied Instrumentation and Scoring preparation, orchestration, orchestral mock-up, and conducting. I learned the way to write a score dramatically in order to be able to write a score for the picture appropriately.

Also, I am a curious person, and new technology always has attracted me. For example, when I was a child, I took apart all of my toys to see how they worked, and modified them to satisfy my curiosity. If I have time, I always look up new software or plugins and study with the tutorial. Because of this nature, I like to do experiments and researches as well as composing music. When I was at Nihon University, I majored in information music, and I researched sound from a viewpoint of Physiological acoustics. I was interested in Media art, and created some works with Max/MSP. To expand my own sound, I wanted to learn not only how to use synthesizers or DAW, but also I wanted to learn the way of making sound design, or any other experimental electronic music. For this reason, I’m majoring in EPD (Electronic Production and Design), and learning a deeper part of technology in addition to film scoring major. I am learning mainly sound design aspect in EPD, and have learned about sound synthesis, digital signal flow, sampling, modular functions, Max, Csound, Audio Programming in C and so on. I’m continually pursing creating music which combines both traditional and modern technology and also emotionally engaging.