OPSYN Vol.4 Step Sequencer and Procedurally Generated Velocity Curves

OPSYN: Step sequencer working demo


OPSYN: Velocity Curves with procedural algorithm using jitter in Max/MSP


• Added step sequencer (Figured out how to communicate between different classes in Unreal Engine and implemented the switch that can tell the ON/OFF states each other between Max/MSP and Unreal Engine).

• Added procedurally generated velocity curve in VR project OPSYN. Each slider represents the velocity of each step. The slider can be control by virtual hand in VR or from Ableton live via OSC.

• Dynamically changing the color of each slider depending on the velocity (Color can be assigned based on the location of the object or velocity or any other information from Ableton Live).

Work in Progress

• Add more function to the slider such as Pitch and Duration.

• Add a keyboard instrument and chord generator, which can also record the pitches in the step sequencer.

• Add Euclidean rhythm function to the step sequencer.

• Add a kind of zero gravity joystick with XY panner that can be assigned to macro in Ableton Live and modulate any kinds of effects or parameter in effects or instruments.

• Add program change function (Change the instrument) in the drum pad so users can control different instruments in step sequencer when they hit the Drum pad.

• Add UI interface which can specify what users are doing and control the function of the slider, step sequencer, and so on.


I want to write about the details in how I developed them in Unreal Engine and communication in the program soon. I’m planning on showing this prototype at Expo’74 2019, Science fair in MASS MoCA in April 26. I look forward to seeing some folks there.